Today, YOU can join me in raising the barre in your workout routine.

If you are new to the term "barre", it is a ballet inspired workout that tightens and tones your body using good posture, tight and small movements and elongated motions!

Its a great way to switch up your workouts by tricking your body and strengthening your muscles creating an all over full body tone. & who doesn't want that?!

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Delicious Healthy Summer Shake Recipe!

"Summertimeeeee and the livin's easy..."

or sometimes it's not + you're running late to somewhere you wish you didn't have to be.

Shoot. Sublime, we are not in school anymore.

I have to pay the bills during summer too!

But, no worries, guys.

There is a way to make your summer a little breezier (+yummier) with an easy and fast route for good sustainable energy and extreme health benefits :

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5 Simple Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Bikinis are everywhere right now - in your favorite stores and online shops and you can’t help but feel a little guilty about eating that ice cream sundae last night (but #treatyoself). I was super nervous when I did my own bikini shoot for Morning Lavender so I feel ya! Summer is here, and I’m more than excited to share my tips on how to get bikini ready by incorporating small and simple healthy habits into your daily routine!  

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Natural Cancer Fighting Health Benefits

 I like to think the best of people. I love people!

Some people just represent sour patch kids. First, they are sour... but inside you come to find they are as sweet as can be!

I also like to think the best of every little cell in my body.

Although, unlike sour patch kids...some go from sweet to an angry sour.

&&& that abnormal sour cell has bad vibes its sending to its cell neighbors to multiply.


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Gluten Free Hamburger Buns- BBQ ready!

If you have ever experienced even a day of a gluten free lifestyle, (lets be real, who hasn't now a days?)...  you know how it feels to go through a sort of awakening. An awakening that leads to the realization that we live in a world where drowning in gluten is a normality.

And if you were forced to give up gluten, dairy and sugar (like me), you probably experienced thoughts similar to jumping off cliffs (WHAT IS THERE LEFT IN THE WORLD?!).

I have good news:

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